Lightning Strikes

The lightning and I are one in the same~~~ We both put on shows so you notice us, but you never even bother to look our way.


Sea Eyes


Blue as the Aegean Sea

Irises like the crests of the waves

Calming and slowly rocking, back and forth

Small specks of green as if seaweed were trapped inside

A percentage of the world held captive in two orbs

Sad thoughts bring forth hurricanes on the ocean

The eyes of the boy I love

The boy with the sea eyes


When I was eleven years old, my mother and I had the Talk. She explained to me the importance of safe sex, and she concluded it saying, “There is only one thing in life you really need a man for, Grace, and that’s the sperm for half of a miracle.”

When I was thirteen, my cousin and I were playing the board game Life. She landed on marriage, and then grabbed the blue game piece and stuck it in the back of her car. “A man is the last person who will tell me how to live my life, and the same for you, Grace,” she said.

When I was fifteen, my older sister cried about not going to prom. When she finally dried her tears, she came into my room and laid next to me on the bed. Before she left she whispered, “Who needs men anyway, right Grace?”

When I was seventeen, my best friend was lied to by “the love of her life”, he had used her for his pleasure and his alone. “They’re all pigs anyway, Grace. Don’t rely on them for anything.”

When I was nineteen, my first official boyfriend dumped me in the rain on my front porch step. “It’s not like you even want me around, Grace. You act like you’re better off without me.”

When I was twenty-one, I kissed a girl for the first time, and I really liked it (which had nothing to do with the booze). I finally realized how unimportant the dominant sex really is; I finally realized the happiness of being with someone who made you feel significant.


Written a long time ago, but I have waited until today to share this poem I have written. I consider this to be one of the most beautiful things I have yet to write. LOVE IS LOVE and today I am so proud to be an American. Being gay is not a choice, but hating people? That is. Human rights extend to everyone, no fine lines that separate anyone. “We the people” extends to every American, and every person coming to experience the American Dream that today I finally feel like I am seeing. If you came out today: good! If you are the parent of someone who loves the same sex: good!

We must support and love another. I am proud to say that today Love has won.


To My Crazy Dad

Crazy? Yes. Gentle-interrogator of new boyfriends? Yes. Goofy? Yes.

But oh dad, what would I do without you? There’s that thing about mothers, but there is that thing about fathers as well. A little rougher around the edges, sure, but just as gooey on the inside (maybe even a little bit more). You are a sucker for puppy-dog eyes because it’s always “anything for your princess”. I guess you could say I’ve been raised by a king.

Thank you for making me the good debater, the strong intellectual, and the fierce feminist I am. It is a role model like you that makes me so proud to be your daughter.

Love, your Kacey

Checking Up

For those of you who are wondering why I have taken some unannounced time off, I would like to inform you that it is because vacation gets a little crazy. Before you know it you are whirling around exploring new places, stranded without wi-fi, meeting up with relatives, and so much more. I feel absolutely awful that I have not been around in quite some time, but I hope to be slamming you guys with some writing very shortly… I’ve got a friend graduating high school which means college is coming, elderly relatives who want to hear what I am really up to, and tons more!

Thank you to all of you who have continued to stick with me through my irregular schedule, and bearing with my writing just the same. It’s a pleasure to be able to share what I’ve written with all of you. In the mean time, here is a 6 word story that hit me the other day:

That is supposed to be us!”

To Critical Parents of Young Love

“I can’t help but feel as though you don’t trust me. We’re head over heels for another. We’re young, but does youth have to entail love? I’m crazy for him, honestly. I think about him when I am not with him, and when I am with him, all I can think of is being with him for all eternity. I am not proclaiming my love to him, not yet. When all’s said and done, I’m sure I will have said those three words. But can’t you let me enjoy his existence before I am torn away from him? There is no crazed passion between us. We are not jumping one another out of lust. He is a gentleman that I care for deeply, as I know he does me. Why are you the one pushing for our love which I know you will despise? Need I explain myself more, or do you now believe in the peace of mind he brings me?”